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Understanding Stage
Assessment Stage
Implementation Stage

Understanding Stage

The Management Improvement Model follows the philosophy that you can't change what you don't understand. At this Stage, an understanding of the current process is gained by doing a thorough analysis. A characterization of the current situation relative to a proposed improvement is proposed, goals are set, and some initial planning is done.

Assessment Stage

The Assessment Stage begins by asking questions about the goals to further describe the proposed change. A review of similar organizations is done to see if the proposed change has already been implemented elsewhere, and what lessons were learned. Planning is completed and modifications to implement the proposed change are made. Data is collected on all experiences.

Implementation Stage

The Implementation Stage installs the new process and monitors the effects relative to the old method. Necessary training and adjustments are made. Data continues to be collected on all experiences. If the new process proves to be an improvement over the old one, a new baseline is established for further changes. If the new method is unsuccessful, the old method is reinstalled and this experience is documented for future efforts.

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