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Keeping up with the latest in educational research has been the domain of college educators rather than public school teachers or parents. Three reasons for this are the difficulty in finding a broad range of educational journals, the expense of getting subscriptions (if a large University library isn't available), and devoting the time to pour over the articles.

Reviews of educational research are part of the Process Improvement Methods used by the EPICENTER. Summaries of articles relating to educational technology are made available to schools using our services, and are also available to individuals. The journals routinely reviewed by the EPICENTER are shown in the following list. Those summaries will be available on this Web site for schools and individuals desiring them. For further information, please contact the EPICENTER.

Action in Teacher Education
Adult Basic Education
Adult Education Quarterly
Adult Learning
Adults Learning
American Association for Higher Education Bulletin
American Educational Research Journal
American Educator
American Journal of Education
The American School Board
American Teacher
Applied Measurement in Education
Assessment Update
Childhood Education
The College Board Review
Communication Education
Community Education Journal
Computers in the Schools
Contemporary Educational Psychology
Contemporary Education
Continuing Higher Education Review
Education and Training in Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
Education and Treatment of Children
Education and Urban Society
Educational Administration Quarterly
Educational and Psychological Measurement
Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis
The Educational Forum
Educational Horizons
Educational Leadership
Educational Management and Administration
Educational Measurement
Educational Policy
Educational Psychologist
Educational Psychology
Educational Psychology Review
Educational Record
Educational Research Quarterly
Educational Researcher
Educational Review
Educational Studies
Educational Studies in Mathematics
Educational Technology
Educational Technology Research &;Development
Educational Theory
The Elementary School Journal
English Education
Equity &;Excellence in Education
Gender and Education
Gifted Child Quarterly
Harvard Educational Review
High School Journal
Higher Education
The History Teacher
Information Technology and Libraries
International Journal of Educational Research
International Journal of Science Education
International Journal of Social Education
Journal for the Education of the Gifted
Journal of Biological Education
Journal of Classroom Interaction
Journal of College Admission
Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching
Journal of Curriculum Studies
Journal of Curriculum &;Supervision
Journal of Developmental Education
The Journal of Early Education and Development
Journal of Education
Journal of Education for Teaching
Journal of Education Policy
Journal of Educational Administration
Journal of Educational Computing Research
Journal of Educational Measurement
The Journal of Educational Psychology
The Journal of Educational Research
Journal of Educational Technology Systems
The Journal of Experiential Education
The Journal of Experimental Education
Journal of General Education
Journal of Higher Education
The Journal of Humanistic Education and Development
Journal of Information Systems
Journal of Moral Education
Journal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education
Journal of Negro Education
Journal of Personnel Evaluation in Education
Journal of Philosophy of Education
Journal of Reading Behavior
Journal of Research and Development in Education
Journal of Research in Childhood Education
Journal of Research in Reading
Journal of Research in Rural Education
Journal of Research in Science Teaching
Journal of Research on Computing in Education
The Journal of Sex Education and Therapy
The Journal of Special Education
Journal of Special Education Technology
Journal of Student Financial Aid
Journal of Teacher Education
Journal of Teaching in Physical Education
Journal of Teaching Writing
Journal of Vocational Education and Training
The Journal of Vocational Education Research
Journal of Youth and Adolescence
Journalism &;Mass Communication Educator
Language and Education
Language Arts
Language Learning
Learning and Individual Differences
Learning and Instruction
Learning and Leading with Technology
Learning and Motivation
Learning Disabilities Research &;Practice
Learning Disability Quarterly
Liberal Education
Library Hi Tech
Library Hi Tech News
Library Software Review
Library Technology Reports
The MAHE Journal
Maryland English Journal
Mathematics In School
The Mathematics Teacher
McGill Journal of Education
Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development
MIS Quarterly
Moral Education Forum
NASSP Bulletin
NEA Today
The Negro Educational Review
Open Learning
Oxford Review of Education
Peabody Journal of Education
Performance &;Instruction
The Physics Teacher
Planning for Higher Education
Preventing School Failure
Principal Psychology in the Schools
Radical Teacher
Reading Research and Instruction
The Reading Teacher
Rehabilitation Education
Research in Education
Research in Higher Education
Research in the Teaching of English
the review of Education/Pedagogy/Cultural Studies
Review of Educational Research
The Review of Higher Education
The Rural Educator
The School Administrator
School Business Affairs
The School Counselor
School Psychology Quarterly
School Science and Mathematics
Science &;Children
Science Education
The Science Teacher
Social Science Computer Review
The Social Studies
Studies in Educational Evaluation
Studies in Higher Education
Studies in Science Education
T.H.E. Journal
Teacher Education and Special Education
Teacher Education Quarterly
Teaching and Teacher Education
Teaching Children Mathematics
Teaching Education
Teaching Exceptional Children
Teaching Geography
Teaching History: A Journal of Methods
Teaching the Humanities
TESOL Journal
TESOL Quarterly
Topics in Early Childhood Special Education
Urban Education
Vocational Education Journal
WCCI Forum
Young Children

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